Ben Horowitz

I'm an experienced software engineer, architect, and engineering manager with a proven track record of delivering enterprise-scale web applications. I specialize in backend and API development, microservices architecture, and high scalability/high availability solutions. I take pride in my ability to distill technically complex solutions into actionable cost/benefit analyses, grooming backlogs toward the highest possible business value.

I am passionate about building great products with seamless user experiences. I'm really looking forward to joining or building an amazing team that shares these values, and building the kinds of products that people will come to rely on and love.

In my free time, I dive into cooking, food science, and music. Ask me about smoking meat, making cheese, the perfect soft-boiled egg, or that time I nursed a rescued kitten back to health.



Technical Architecture

Microservices architecture, Distributed systems, Software and systems architecture, Tech strategy

Technical Project Management

Engineering management, Risk management, project scoping, Timeline estimation,

Product Management

Roadmap planning, User experience design, Requirements gathering


Git, TDD, BDD, Scrum, KanBan



Python, Node, Ruby, PHP, Java, Javascript, HTML, CSS


Flask, Express, Click, Rails, Sinatra, Symfony, JQuery

Data Stores

MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, MongoDB


Solr, Elasticsearch

Server Configuration

Linux/CLI, Apache, NGINX, Tomcat, Jetty


Containers & Container Orchestration

Docker, Kubernetes, Mesosphere DC/OS, Deis, OpenShift

Continuous Delivery

Continuous integration, Chef, Vagrant, Jenkins


Varnish, Akamai


AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure


High scalability, High availability, Load testing, Capacity planning


Strypes Co.

May 2017 - Present
Head of Engineering, Backend & DevOps

  • Architected and implemented production APIs for real-time 3D rendering applications
  • Built and managed company-wide infrastructure, deployments, and automation
  • Created command-line client for APIs for developers, administration and automation
  • Automated remote deployments to fleet of hardware kiosks

Nginx, Inc.

October 2015 – May 2017
Technical Architect, Microservices Engineering

  • Subject matter expert on microservices architecture and container technologies
  • Extensive research and exploratory development of mircoservice and container technologies
  • Forged strategic partnerships with companies in the microservices and container space
  • Worked with sales to tailor highly specialized solutions for clients in finance, government, & healthcare.
  • Productized new architectures, including the Fabric Model and Router Mesh
  • Collaborated in creation and delivery of microservices training programs, literature, and documentation.
  • Managed second engineering hire to the Microservices Engineering department


May 2015 – September 2015
Lead Application Engineer

  • Migrated entire infrastructure from colo to AWS and Docker to reduce costs and enable dynamic scaling
  • Implemented continuous delivery practices

Huge, Inc.

January 2013 – May 2015
Senior Software Engineer

  • Pioneered agile practices at Huge.
  • Team lead for multiple teams, including distributed teams.
  • Worked closely with stakeholders to design technical architecture that supported both immediate and long-term product goals.
  • Created custom service-oriented architecture with Symfony, combining the content of over 270 existing sites into one centralized web presence.
  • Created a Solr/Lucene powered faceted search experience for a major NYC health care provider and other clients.

Happy Spider

Founded 2011

  • Managed iOS development team.
  • Staffed lean projects for maximum efficiency of resources and budget.
  • Accurate budget and timeline estimations.
  • Built a RESTful API with Node JS, built to support iOS and additional frontends.

StyleCaster, Inc.

September 2012 – January 2013
Senior Developer

  • Architected and implemented a complete re-build of, migrating the site from Symfony2 to Ruby on Rails, hosted on Heroku.

ExpandTheRoom, LLC

August 2010 – August 2012

  • Technical lead for multiple clients, including RollingStone and Live Nation.
  • Managed a team of 10 backend and frontend developers.
  • Built multiple custom content management systems.

One Foot Productions, LLC

April 2007 – March 2008

  • Developed a proprietary web based, data driven, and object oriented application used to manage live television show logistics. 90% of codebase is still in use.

Fun Fact

Given milk, a lemon, and a tea towel, I can make three types of cheese in one day!